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FASHION DISNEY Marvelous Bridal 2016 Collection By YolanCris

Marvelous Bridal 2016 Collection By YolanCris:

Marvelous Bridal 2016 Collection By YolanCris
Hi my beautiful ladies and future brides! I’m always here to embellish your day and inspire you! For today, I have a marvelous bridal 2016 collection designer by YolanCris. This fashion house is located in Barcelona and specialized in designing evening wear and haute couture wedding dresses. The founders are two sisters, Yolanda and Cristina. Both are creative directors and the soul of YolanCris brand. The interest for creating amazing bridal and evening dresses is a family heritage. Their mother, who was pioneer in bridal industry, taught them the well done work and how to feel the magic while designing a wedding dress.

In 2015, the sisters decide to make their dream real, by creating YolanCris brand, which is turned towards authentic and natural women. In 2006, they succeeded to pull YolanCris as a brand and presented their first collection, during the Barcelona Bridal Week. Now, they are leading brand in evening wear and wedding dresses worldwide. The secret of their success lies in creating a unique designs. Each dress is hand-crafted in their Atelier, where are selected high quality materials and every detail is studied with love and passion.

YolanCris are still working, modernizing, remodeling and rebuilding their creativity and personality, with the same feeling as they started, with the same team. The brand always focused on the innovation and originality of new dresses, the quality handwork and of the national production.

Now, you will see a marvelous bridal 2016 collection that will prove you that YolanCris is looking forward to the successful future. The dresses are fascinating and breathtaking. I’m 100% sure that every bride would like to wear one of these dresses. The collection is fulfilled with exclusive, individual and astonishing bridal gown, made of high quality of fabrics. The boundless imagination, fine handmade, exiting silhouettes and the original design that will leave you speechless. In 2016 The original design, exciting silhouettes, fine handmade and boundless imagination. In 2016, there are three lines of wedding gowns: Romantic lace, Boho Folk and Haute Couture. Today, you will see the Haute Couture Collection. Let’s take a look at the dresses and draw some inspiration. You may finally find the wedding dress of your dreams in this Bridal 2016 collection, who knows!? Enjoy and have fun!

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