Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jojo Abot Is a Colorful Vision of Power in 'Gods Among Men' & 'Marching' Videos: Premiere

Jojo Abot Is a Colorful Vision of Power in 'Gods Among Men' & 'Marching' Videos: Premiere:

Growing up in New York City, musician and artist Jojo Abot thought she knew what freedom meant in the modern world. Then she traveled to South Africa, and she learned how little she truly knew.

As an African-American, the experience of a country still living in the shadows of Apartheid was as harrowing as it was inspiring. She set to work immediately, writing and recording an EP that captures the struggle of modern man to still seek freedom from oppression, whether it be institutional, spiritual, or personal. She named the EP NGIWUNKULUNKULU, which means “I Am God.”

"This EP is a response to the times we live in now,” Abot says in an emailed statement. “A result of a rude and meaningful re-awakening. A road to rediscovering the power we posses when we make our voices heard. We attract allies and make our intentions clear. I am grateful for this spontaneous yet ordained experience which has led to this beautiful birth. May it inspire you to find strength in your daily work to eradicate injustice and blatant hatred in the corners of the world you occupy. May it expand your heart to have empathy that extends beyond your immediate borders. May it bring you new joys and new community. May you never grow weary or run out of love. Power to the God within.”

Abot recently toured with Lauryn Hill on her MLH Caravan tour, and today, she shares two videos in one. The video was directed and edited by Abot, with cinematography by Kgomotso Neto and Vusi Magubane. Abot struts and dances through the city of Johannesburg, a vision of color and confidence. The double feature sets powerful images to tracks “Gods Among Men” and “Marching,” both of which appear on NGIWUNKULUNKULU.

Look out for Abot on tour, buy up her EP online, and watch the striking visuals below.