Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Keiko Necesario Embraces Change With 'Powerful' New EP, 'Escape'

Keiko Necesario Embraces Change With 'Powerful' New EP, 'Escape':

Independent singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario released a soothingly delicate yet emotionally hard-hitting music video for "Forever Alive," the last single from her first album, Through It All.

And, days later, the acoustic folk-pop songstress followed that with an even-stronger sophomore EP called Escape.

"If the first album was mellow, then this next one is more powerful and loud," shares Necesario, who does not shy away from exploring different arrangements for her new music.

Aptly named Escape, her new EP embraces the change in her tracks' stylistic elements, shifting from her usual soft acoustic performances to a more dynamic electro-folk style.

Watch the video for "Forever Alive":