Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lido Launches 'Not Enough' Challenge With New Video: Watch

Lido Launches 'Not Enough' Challenge With New Video: Watch:

Get ready to groove in sync to Lido's newly launched #NotEnoughChallenge for his new single "Not Enough," featuring hip-hop/R&B duo THEY.

The record flexes a new jack swing sound, a personal favorite of Lido's when he's clubbing, and fittingly takes things back to the '80s in its visual treatment, with a bright yellow backdrop and synchronized dancers wearing all black.

Lido even breaks out some moves of his own. The video is directed and co-produced by Ian Eastwood, who has been featured on America's Best Dance Crew and is currently on NBC's World of Dance as Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions.

Join the Not Enough Challenge and watch the dance-heavy music video below: