Friday, July 21, 2017

Linkin Park & Chester Bennington's 5 Best TV Appearances

Linkin Park & Chester Bennington's 5 Best TV Appearances:

KMazur/WireImage for The Recording Academy

Jay-Z, Sir Paul McCartney and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park perform 'Yesterday' at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 08, 2006 in Los Angeles. 

From the Grammys to late night and more.

Following the news of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington's death by apparent suicide on Thursday (July 20), fans and friends of the beloved musician have been in mourning.

In honor of Bennington life and death, we look back at his and his band's best television appearances from the Grammys to late night and more.

"Numb/Encore" with JAY-Z, Paul McCartney at the Grammy Awards (2006)

Probably Linkin Park's biggest TV moment came in 2006 at the Grammy Awards when the band performed with not one but two living legends, surprising fans with a smooth segue from the JAY-Z collab "Numb/ Encore" into the Beatles classic "Yesterday" with McCartney entering during the first verse.

"One More Light" on Jimmy Kimmel Live (2017)

Linkin Park is known for their hard and heavy TV performances but earlier this year the band dedicated their deeply moving "One More Light" performance to Bennington's close friend Chris Cornell, who had died that same day.

"Burn It Down" at the American Music Awards (2012)

Speaking of hard and heavy, Linkin Park brought it at the 2012 American Music Awards with the Living Things standout track.

"What I've Done" on Saturday Night Live (2007)

While SNL is known as a rough stage for musicians, here Linkin Park conjured the sort of intimate intensity for which the band was beloved performing this multi-platinum single.

"Heavy" with Kiiara on The Late Late Show (2017)

Aside from comically opening things up with a band trust fall, Linkin Park's "Heavy" performance with Kiiara was utterly serious.